Photos of the Restoration Process
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Photos of the engine being re-built:

OCTOBER 2, 2006

New Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tires, P235/60R15 front and rear on 15 x 7 Wheel Vintiques Magnum 500 wheels are installed.

DECEMBER 28, 2006

The door panels have been re-finished by Just Dashes., using new door lock levers and releases from Year One and and Mega Parts. The door panel inserts restored with new vinyl from Year One and the surrounds were re-painted.

MAY 24, 2007

The stripping of the old paint finishes is underway at Rainbow Collision Center, Volo, IL.

JUNE 14, 2007

Stripping is complete and some minor touch-ups were made to perfect the body.

JUNE 27, 2007

Primer is applied.

JULY 10, 2007

Painting is complete. Need to re-install the trim and install the vinyl top and side stripes before it's done.

JULY 24, 2007

The vinyl top is on and the '71-style side stripes from Phoenix Graphix are done (although note that the stripes on the rear quarters were accidentally flipped from side to side by the body shop - see how they curl up at the ends, instead of following the body character line?). Also, I am not happy with the quality of the "Challenger" script decal that was custom-made for the rear spoiler. I'm not happy with the way the rear valance looks with the big, clunky bumper guards removed. I'm going to have to find a set of '70-'71 rear bumper guards.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2007

The stripes are now corrected. A new "Challenger" script decal (Challenger T/A decal with the T/A cut off) from Phoenix Graphix was installed on the rear spoiler.

FEBRUARY 22, 2008

A factory-style oil pressure gauge has been installed (to replace the AutoMeter gauge that had occupied the empty hole) and the gauges were detailed at Redline Gauge Works. They slod converted the ammeter to a voltmeter for safety (although the gauge still reads "ALT".

MARCH 6, 2008

The console has been re-finished by Just Dashes using the same process that they used for the door panels.

MARCH 26, 2008

The re-finished console is now installed with a new top plate and shifter plate from Year One and and P.G. Classic.

MARCH 31, 2008

A new headliner from Year One was installed with Dynamat underneath at Ogden Top & Trim, Berwyn, IL. Dynamat is also under installed under the rear package tray, which was re-finished with new vinyl at Ogden Top & Trim. New 3-point front seatbelts from XV Motorsports were also installed. All window and door interior trim has been re-finished by Just Dashes using the same process that they used for the door panels.